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WholeCEO With Lisa G Podcast

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Best selling author of The Boss Weight Loss, Lisa G. sits down with industry leaders in business, wellness, fitness and mindset and together they discuss their insider secrets to being unstoppable, wrapped around their own personal journeys to dreaming bigger and never giving up…no matter what. Lisa wants to inspire you to go from stuck to unstoppable in all areas of your life - wellness, weight loss, business and mindset!

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Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast where we are joined by the amazing Figs O'Sullivan. Figs is here to share his expertise on how to instill a growth and high-performance mindset in your relationships. Are you ready to take your relationships to the next level? Figs believes that you need to give everything you have, just like a professional athlete, to make your relationships thrive. In this episode, he shares why this is important and how it can help you achieve the healthy and fulfilling relationships you deserve. Have you ever found yourself stuck in the trap of believing in mediocrity in your relationships? Figs knows just how destructive this can be, and he's here to help you break free from that perfectionist mindset. He shares valuable insights and practical tips to help you overcome these challenges and start enjoying your relationships to the fullest. Figs also believes that your worst parts can be your superpowers. He explains how embracing your flaws and vulnerabilities can help you build stronger, more authentic connections with those you care about. And speaking of vulnerability, Figs emphasizes just how powerful it can be. He shares why being vulnerable is essential for creating deep connections and how it can help you build trust and intimacy in your relationships. So, if you're ready to take your relationships to the next level, this is the podcast episode for you. Tune in now and start learning from Figs O'Sullivan, one of the best relationship experts out there!

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