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Science Friday

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Dr. Fei-Fei Li of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI discusses the promise and peril of the ground-breaking technology.

Episodi precedenti

  • 1066 - An AI Leader’s Human-Centered Approach To Artificial Intelligence 
    Mon, 4 Dec 2023
  • 1065 - COP28 Host Had Plans to Promote Oil and Gas | Researchers Detected Cicada Emergence With Fiber-Optics 
    Fri, 1 Dec 2023
  • 1064 - Ralph Nader Reflects On His Auto Safety Campaign, 55 Years Later 
    Thu, 30 Nov 2023
  • 1063 - What’s That Smell? An AI Nose Knows 
    Wed, 29 Nov 2023
  • 1062 - Jane Goodall On Life Among Chimpanzees 
    Tue, 28 Nov 2023
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