Passive House Podcast

Passive House Podcast

Matthew Cutler-Welsh, Zack Semke, Mary James, and Ilka Cassidy

Interviews with the leaders, practitioners, and change-makers in the global Passive House movement. A production of Passive House Accelerator.

Categoria: Cultura e società

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In this episode of the Passive House Podcast co-host Zack Semke speaks with Tim McDonald of Onion Flats Architecture on the heels of Tim's involvement in the Reimagine Building PREFAB conference. Tim discusses his firm's current portfolio of passive deep energy retrofit projects and shares his growing realization that we need to fundamentally rethink our understanding of the economics of retrofits. Compared to building new, saving buildings is cheap! To prove the point, he walks us thro...

Episodi precedenti

  • 378 - 187: Saving Buildings Is Cheap–Prefab Retrofits 
    Tue, 21 May 2024
  • 377 - 186: Building a Business Building with Panels 
    Mon, 13 May 2024
  • 376 - 185: Refining Offerings & Expanding Production—Collective Carpentry Hits Its Stride 
    Mon, 06 May 2024
  • 375 - 184: Scaling Up: Can Prefab Help Passive Building Go Mainstream? 
    Tue, 30 Apr 2024
  • 374 - Bonus Episode: Gunter and Markus Lang (Passathon) & Clara Kupelwieser (GBS Summer University) at IPHC 2024 
    Sun, 28 Apr 2024
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