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Adrian Rogers

Love Worth Finding's purpose is to bring people to Christ and mature them in the faith. This happens primarily through efforts in publishing and broadcasting biblical truth.Love Worth Finding began in 1987, as a response to several requests for tapes of messages by pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers. He relates that "soon the requests began to grow to the point that we knew God was leading us into a wider ministry." As an extension of Dr. Rogers' pulpit ministry Love Worth Finding provided that role and continues today.Dr. Rogers stated, "I believe God wants us to proclaim the message of salvation in the power of the Holy Spirit by every means possible. That’s our commitment at Love Worth Finding."In response to many who are asking,has that purpose changed since the home-going of Dr. Rogers? No, God wants us to continue to proclaim the message of salvation. The messenger may be gone, but the message must continue. Millions still have not heard the precious name of Jesus or know His redeeming grace.So our race is not over. We must still rununtil Jesus comes. If you believe in what God has called LWF to do,we invite you to help us proclaim God's truth.Our prayer is that you will join with us in running the race and in broadcasting the Good News that Jesus Christ is truly the greatest Love worth finding.

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