Anatomy of a Scam

Anatomy of a Scam


Australia faces an epidemic of scams, a daily barrage of dodgy texts, phone calls and emails from anonymous cyber criminals and con artists, domestic and abroad.

And in this new era of Artificial Intelligence, scams are more scam-ouflaged than ever before.

Financial losses are mounting but the true cost of scams amounts to more than lost dollars, with emotional damage inflicted on individuals, families and businesses.

Law enforcement authorities concede we cannot arrest our way out of this problem; education is key.

Understanding how scammers target us with methods old and new, aided by cutting-edge technology, is the first step towards recognising a scam in the wild and taking the necessary steps to stop it.

Episodes feature experts in cyber security and law enforcement, as well as real scam victims who share their personal experiences in a bid to warn others. 

Hosted by Deborah Knight and Trevor Long, Anatomy of a Scam is made in collaboration with CommBank. Stay CommBank safe with services that help protect you from scams and fraud. Remember: Stop, Check, Reject.

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In the age of AI, scammers are now equipped with a new arsenal for exploitation - and we need similarly new defences to match. This raises a pressing question: Are we caught in a relentless, technological arms race against scams? Or is the most effective tool for fighting scams an organic one? 


  • Kevin Gosschalk - Founder and CEO, Arkose Labs
  • Professor Dali Kaafar - Executive Director of the Cyber Security Hub, School of Computing, Macquarie University
  • Victor Dominello - Co-Founder ServiceGen, former NSW Digital Government Minister
  • Brendan Goode - Chief Security Officer, Commonwealth Bank

Hosted by Deb Knight and Trevor Long, Anatomy of a Scam is made in collaboration with CommBank. Stay CommBank Safe with services that help protect you from scams and fraud. Remember 3 simple steps: Stop. Check. Reject.

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