The Beat with Ari Melber

The Beat with Ari Melber

Ari Melber, MSNBC

Ari Melber delivers the biggest political and news stories of the day, with interviews and original reporting from around the nation. An Emmy-winning journalist, attorney and former Senate staffer, Melber cuts through the spin and the noise to tell you what's really happening. Real news, every night.

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MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Thursday, May 16, and reports on Michael Cohen's testimony in Donald Trump's hush money case and his hold over the GOP. Molly Jong-Fast, Maya Wiley, Kristy Greenberg, and Duncan Levin join.

Episodi precedenti

  • 1713 - D.A.'s case wobbles with Cohen under scrutiny 
    Fri, 17 May 2024
  • 1712 - Biden and Trump will debate next month 
    Wed, 15 May 2024
  • 1711 - Trump trial barrels forward 
    Wed, 15 May 2024
  • 1710 - Michael Cohen testifies Trump didn't want him to "flip" 
    Wed, 15 May 2024
  • 1709 - Michael Cohen testifies in Donald Trump's hush money trial 
    Tue, 14 May 2024
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