The Big Dorrie

The Big Dorrie

Koori Mail

The Big Dorrie is a fortnightly podcast produced by the Koori Mail Newspaper. Grab a cuppa, kick off your shoes and join Naomi Moran & Luke Carroll for a Dorrie about ... everything!

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In this special Big Dorrie, Naomi Moran, General Manager of the Koori Mail interviews investigative journalist, Ivamere Nataro, visiting from Fiji.  Iva works for the Fiji Sun Newspaper and has been visiting Australia throughout May and June 2023, attending the DART Centre for Journalism and Trauma Conference in Brisbane and has also been sponsored by the ABC and the Koori Mail to stay on for a few more weeks. Whilst staying in Lismore, Iva has been covering stories about Fijians living and working in regional NSW.

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