The Conscious Consultant Hour

The Conscious Consultant Hour

Sam Liebowitz

Tune in for one hour of consciousness raising talk. Your Conscious Consultant, Sam Liebowitz, will discuss all types of topics to help you raise your awareness. Sam takes a holistic look at life that includes your career, business, relationships, spiritual development, healing, and sustainable living. Most of all, this is all about how to walk through life with the greatest ease and joy. Listen live every Thursday at 12 Noon EST at

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Jonathan Goldman, Innovator in Light Medicine, Has Mapped The Human Energy Vehicle in a Revolutionary Way That is Both Intricate and Practical, Empowering People From All Walks Of Life In Their Own Personal Evolution And Healing.

In his four decades of working with Energy Medicine, first as an acupuncturist and then as the developer of Transformational Energy Healing, he has mapped the multi-layered Human Energy Vehicle (HEV). Goldman has uniquely described where and how thought forms, emotions, energetic material, beliefs, and spiritual qualities live and operate in the multiple energy layers that are within and around the human body. This has allowed him to create a form of healing which goes beyond and enhances psychotherapy, allopathic medicine, and alternative healing modalities.

From that point forward, Goldman began receiving what became The Chakra Map, Transformational Energy Healing, and The Divine Tactics. His own journey of personal healing and spiritual evolution has paralleled the knowledge that he has received and taught to thousands.

Goldman is one of the leading educators on the embodiment of Light and its use in healing and for spiritual illumination. The Essential Light Institute, which he co-founded in 2008, is dedicated to teaching the arts of self-transformation and energy healing through direct relationship with the living force of Light. His book The Gift of the Body: A Multi-Dimensional Guide to Energy, Anatomy, Grounded Spirituality and Living Through the Heart he describes as "an experiential, practical, transformational manual for the adventure school of your life."


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Segment 1

Sam opens up the show with a passage from his book Everyday Awakening, “Play Can Be Deep Work.”  He then shares a story about someone who has benefitted from taking time off from work in the middle of the week.  Sam welcomes his guest, Light Medicine innovator Jonathan Goldman.  Jonathan shares how he got started on his journey to Transformational Energy Healing, a journey which took him all over the world.        

Segment 2

Jonathan continues the story of his spiritual growth, including a transformational experience he had during a trip to Brazil in the 1970s.  He then tells us about a voice that spoke to him and encouraged him to embark on his journey.  He goes into detail on how sickness and disease start in the mind and make their way into our body.  Sam asks Jonathan: is our spirit in our body, or is our body in our spirit?  Sam and Jonathan discuss the Hindu tradition of energy layers that reside in the body, and then start to discuss the concept of chakras.             

Segment 3

Continuing the discussion on chakras, Sam asks Jonathan how he discovered the concept and how it helps to define who we are as humans. Jonathan shares a deep experience he had while in his office in Oregon, that formed the basis for how he lives and does his teaching. Sam shares a story of gratitude he experienced at his center in New York City.  Jonathan gives advice on how to open up gratitude as a vibrational healing tool.  Sam asks Jonathan a classic New York question: what do we even need our bodies for?  Jonathan talks about the importance of going “through and out,” not “up and out,” when experiencing pain.  Sam shares a story of pain he experienced this past weekend. 

Segment 4

Sam asks Jonathan how we can use Light Energy and Chakras to navigate the craziness of modern life.  Jonathan talks about the many ways we can manage modern day issues and stresses by living “through the heart.” Sam quotes: “The mind should be the heart’s soldier.”  To close out the show, Jonathan takes listeners through a compassion exercise.  For more information, Jonathan can be reached at

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