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Speaking English

Evan English

The spot to be for anyone who says to themselves, "I want to watch more movies, or read more books, but I don't know where to start." Co-hosts Evan English and Addie Rzonca bring a passion for media consumption that is hard to find, and dive into the culture of movie-watching and book-reading from a unique perspective. A fun and interesting time for all involved.

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We're back at it this week with another movie episode, this time watching What a Way to Go! (1964). It was a wonderful time for one and all.

Intro and Our Weeks (0:00)

Mailbag and Editorial Corner ? (8:36)

What a Way to Go! (15:02)

What's coming up on the pod (54:34)

Our Album Recs (59:53)

Thanks for listening !

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