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Metal Matters, a Gimme Radio podcast, is a weekly discussion hosted by Fred Pessaro (Revolver, Vice, Decibel, etc) and Michael Berdan (Uniform, ex-Drunkdriver), who took over from former host Mike Hill of Season of Mist recording artist Tombs in early 2021. If you love metal and extreme music, tune in every week for discussions about all things new, some things classic, but all things heavy.

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Today we are joined by musician, visual artist, and living legend Dwid Hellion. For many of our listeners, Dwid doesn’t require much of an introduction, as the man behind metallic hardcore pioneers Integrity and harsh noise mainstay Psywarfare, Dwid has been instrumental in shaping the sound and much of the aesthetic within a large corner of extreme music today. He’s a figure often shrouded in myth and mystery, so it might come as a surprise to some how genuinely personable and downright joyful he really is. We were fortunate enough to have a series of long talks with Dwid spanning many topics, so this is gonna be the first of a two part installment. Today we talk about everything from his roots, his admiration for contemporary music, and the perils of skateboarding in your 50s. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our conversation with Dwid Hellion

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