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Driven Woman Podcast

Sophia D. Bryan, ESQ

Ready to break the glass ceiling for what is realistic for professional women? Interested in making a massive impact and increasing influence? Can’t figure out how to navigate corporate? Does the thought of starting a business intrigue you? Welcome to the Driven Woman Podcast where Career and Business Women operating come for advanced conversations to accelerate their journey towards success. You’ll be inspired to abandon old paradigms around money, influence, lifestyle and achievement so that you can create your own rules. Hosted by Sophia Bryan ESQ, Leadership Coach for Women.

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WHAT DOES “FILTHY RICH” MEAN? According to Nicki Krawczyk IT MEANS HAVING A JOB YOU LOVE, BEING GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO…AND MAKING GREAT MONEY DOING IT! Nicki Krawczyk is a copywriter with 15+ years of experience, writing for multi-billion-dollar companies, solopreneurs, and every size business in between. She also coaches people to become professional copywriters and build thriving careers of their own via her website,, and her Comprehensive Copywriting Academy.

This is a great listen for career women in all fields but especially a treat for copywriters who want to better command their worth.

About the Host

Sophia Bryan is the Managing Attorney at The Law Boss Firm based in Kingston Jamaica. She has 10 years of cumulative experience working as Legal Professional; Business Consultant; Community Leader and as a Public Policy Researcher and Consultant. She has played key roles in the execution of many real estate deals for prominent Real Estate Developers in Jamaica. She has personally trained over 100 Commonwealth Nationals on business start up strategies and delivered corporate support services related to company incorporation and tax compliance.

Ms. Bryan is also a Financial Advisor with a mission to support Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Investors with creating high level brands that are based on integrity and guided by strategy from the start. She supports her clients to become aware of how to use the law as a vehicle to build and protect their legacy. She specializes in Estate Planning which at her Law Firm encompasses Real Estate, Probate, Corporate Governance, Wills and Trusts.

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