Climate Changers

Climate Changers

Ryan Flahive

Climate Changers features interviews with remarkable entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, educators and other leaders who are taking initiative as we face a growing climate crisis. Climate Changers is for people who are tired of feeling helpless and want to hear real stories from thoughtful and effective leaders who are on the front lines of building the products and coalitions that will create change The future is worth fighting for, so join me in this weekly celebration of the heroes who are working to create a new and sustainable resource and energy economy.

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Edwin Namakanga is a climate activist from Uganda. He graduated from Makerere University in 2019 with a Bachelors of Science in Population Studies. Both Vanessa Nakate and Greta Thunberg inspired Edwin to get involved with climate activism, which happened in August 2019. Becoming an organizer for Fridays for Future Climate Strikes and a graphics designer for the Rise Up Movement were the next steps of his activist journey. The most recent parts of his climate activist journey included attending the UN Climate COP 26 Summit. While he was at this summit he traveled on the Greenpeace Warrior ship to Glasgow with other activists and defied restrictions to let world leaders know their voices will not be silenced or left out. Also, during his time traveling for COP 26 conference events, Edwin gave a speech at a global climate strike alongside Greta Thunberg. "I strike and speak up because I want people to understand that we are in a climate emergency and need climate justice now; the threat is imminent so I will keep using my voice to help create positive and sustainable change for all."

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