Back Again, Back Again

Back Again, Back Again

Abigail Eliza

Back Again, Back Again is a new audio drama about prophecies, alternate realms, and queer girls with swords written by Abigail Eliza. It tells the story of Ilyaas, an ex-prophecy child trying to come to terms with her new reality as she struggles to adjust to the ordinary world while still remembering everything she’s seen.

Categoria: Cultura e società

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Abigail and Chloe talk tangentially about Back Again, Back Again. 


Check out Chloe's work!

Sam's Leander Song! (literally please listen I lose my mind)

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Episodi precedenti

  • 50 - Season 1 Q&A (with Chloe Peterson!) 
    Fri, 02 Sep 2022
  • 49 - Bonus Episode: Three Times Rhia Ran Away (And One Time She Didn't) 
    Mon, 01 Aug 2022
  • 48 - Episode 32: No Confusion Between Us 
    Fri, 01 Jul 2022
  • 47 - Episode 31: You are not the King 
    Wed, 15 Jun 2022
  • 46 - Episode 30: Chosen 
    Wed, 01 Jun 2022
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